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Fabúla (Margrét Kristín Sigurðardóttir) is a storyteller, using music, lyrics, movements, acting and visual arts as parts of her expression. She received her education in dramatic arts, composing and jazz piano in Reykjavík, Trondheim and London and her career as a singer/composer took off as she released her first solo-album “Cut My Strings” in 1996. That album was nominated for the Icelandic Music Awards and her second album “Kossafar á ilinni” was also nominated, as the album of the year 2002. Alongside her career as a singer-songwriter she also appeared in musicals and later studied acting at Drama Studio London. Fabúla released the album “Dusk” in 2006 and “In Your Skin” in 2009. She plays piano and performs either alone, with a violinist, or with her full band, and is known for her unusual scenery and using different theatrical elements when she performs. Her music does not fall easily into one category, being equally influenced by jazz, folk and contemporary pop.  Playful, yet somewhat melancholic she has a distinct sound, that is fragile, warm and full of details.

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